The Delta Force

The Delta Force

Menahem Golan (1986)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Middle-Eastern terrorists menace a planeload of Hollywood has-beens in an exploitative, revisionist version of the actual 1985 skyjacking of a TWA flight in Athens. The surprisingly accurate first half supplies some swift-paced tension before low-rent action hero Chuck Norris arrives on the scene, riding a rocket-armed motorcycle and destroying all credibility along with the baddies. Despite the abrupt change from jet-powered realism to cartoon wish-fulfilment, the constant catalogue of cheap thrills keeps boredom at bay.


Terrorists take over a charter flight bound for Athens, and are prepared to go to any lengths to ensure their demands are met. However, an elite squad of commandos has snuck on board to wipe out the hijackers before any more passengers are killed. Action adventure, starring Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin, Martin Balsam and Shelley Winters.

Cast & Crew

Maj Scott McCoy Chuck Norris
Col Nick Alexander Lee Marvin
Ben Kaplan Martin Balsam
Harry Goldman Joey Bishop
Edie Kaplan Shelley Winters
Abdul Robert Forster
Sylvia Goldman Lainie Kazan
Father O'Malley George Kennedy
Director Menahem Golan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia-Emi-Warner Dists LtdGuidance: Edited for content.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray