The Raging Moon

The Raging Moon

Bryan Forbes (1970)

PG Certificate


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The suggestion that disabled people might enjoy a sexual relationship was still shocking when this romance in wheelchairs appeared, offering invaluable insight into a previously closed world. Malcolm McDowell is the young buck embittered by his crippling illness until he meets a woman (Nanette Newman) better adjusted to her fate. Director Bryan Forbes (Newman's husband in real life) tends to overdo everything, particularly the sentimentality, but the leads are sympathetic and there are many good cameos in the large supporting cast, which includes disabled Michael Flanders of the musical duo Flanders and Swann. If you have tears...


A footballer is unexpectedly rendered paraplegic and goes to live in a convalescence home, becoming completely cut off from his family. However, his relationship with another patient restores his passion for life. Romantic drama based on Peter Marshall's stage play, starring Malcolm McDowell and Nanette Newman.

Cast & Crew

Bruce Pritchard Malcolm McDowell
Jill Matthews Nanette Newman
Sarah Charles Georgia Brown
Uncle Bob Bernard Lee
Rev Corbett Gerald Sim
Clarence Marlow Michael Flanders
Bill Charles Barry Jackson
Harold Pritchard Geoffrey Whitehead
Director Bryan Forbes
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray