Deliver Us

Deliver Us

Federica Di Giacomo (2016)

15 Certificate


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Director Federica Di Giacomo's third feature starts off in a Palermo church with a Franciscan priest performing an exorcism on a demonically possessed parishioner. Yet it's no supernatural chiller: this is a fly-on-the-wall documentary exposing an increased demand for exorcisms in Europe and beyond. Di Giacomo forgoes the use of narration or interviews (both a strength and a weakness), and instead follows the day-to-day routine of lugubrious, gravel-voiced Father Cataldo, a priest who has to endure more and more of his congregation writhing and snarling in tongues at his services, while claiming to be vessels of Satan. Old and young, male and female, believer and delinquent, all queue up for attention, though some need medical help and therapy as much as hands-on healing and lashings of holy water. Others are just disgruntled and blame relatives for their possession or accuse them of being an instrument of the Devil, something that meant torture and death back in medieval times. Oddly intriguing and surprisingly amusing - Cataldo attempting to purge a possessed person on his mobile; one priest telling a helper "to pray over there, you're distracting me"; another likening one mewing victim to sounding like "a crushed kitten" - it's a film that illuminates a puzzling incongruity in these secular times.

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Director Federica Di Giacomo

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Language: Italian +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: NetworkAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 27 Oct 2017