The Foreigner

The Foreigner

Michael Oblowitz (2003)

15 Certificate


Our Score
An out-of-shape Steven Seagal demonstrates how far past his prime he really is in this appalling, straight-to-video action adventure. Mumbling his way through an unnecessarily convoluted narrative, Seagal takes on the task of conveying a mysterious package from France to Germany, a mission that ends up more dangerous than it initially appears. Murder, corruption and viewer confusion follow, as ham-fisted director Michael Oblowitz tries to disguise the film's technical incompetence with a surfeit of plot twists and badly acting villains. But the biggest crime is the action sequences, which are so poorly staged that even a thumping techno accompaniment can't inject any excitement. One for die-hard Seagal fans only.


A freelance undercover agent is hired to courier a mysterious package from France to Germany, but assassins, CIA agents and a sinister industrialist are all determined to stop him from reaching his intended destination. Action thriller, starring Steven Seagal, Anna-Louise Plowman, Max Ryan, Harry Van Gorkum and Jeffrey Pierce.

Cast & Crew

Jonathan Cold Steven Seagal
Mrs Meredith Van Aiken Anna-Louise Plowman
Dunoir Max Ryan
Jerome Van Aiken Harry Van Gorkum
Sean Cold Jeffrey Pierce
Mr Mimms Sherman Augustus
Jared Olyphant Gary Raymond
Alexander Morquest Philip Dunbar
Director Michael Oblowitz
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and language.Available on: video and DVD