The Bunker

The Bunker

Nikias Chryssos (2015)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Camp, fun German curio about a student hired to tutor an "eight-year-old boy" - who appears to be older than his teacher - being hot-housed by his delusional parents.


A student seeks somewhere to work undisturbed on his scientific theory and rents a room in a couple's house in the snowy woods, a property that turns out be a bunker with no views of anything. His landlords then insist he help tutor their son Klaus, whom they say is aged eight, even though he looks nearer 30, and who they are convinced will one day become US president. German comedy horror, starring Pit Bukowski and Daniel Fripan.

Cast & Crew

Student Pit Bukowski
Klaus Daniel Fripan
Mother Oona von Maydell
Father David Scheller
Director Nikias Chryssos

Other Information

Language: German +subtitlesColour
Comedy Drama