Earth: One Amazing Day

Earth: One Amazing Day

Richard Dale (2017)

U Certificate


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Although this documentary eavesdropping on wildlife across the globe over a 24-hour period is a BBC co-production, it's short on the insight and scientific detail that viewers expect from a TV series fronted by David Attenborough. Here, our guide is Robert Redford, whose warm and avuncular narration keeps things light, and is reminiscent of 1960s-era Disney broadcasts. The film's U-certificate is also an indication of its intention to appeal to all ages, so the focus is on the cute and comical (pandas, penguins, monkeys, bears); the nearest the film gets to chronicling nature red in tooth and claw is the memorable sequence where writhing snakes chase newborn iguanas across the beaches of the Galapagos Islands, though only the skirmishes where the little critters get away without cost are shown. As we've come to expect in the digital age, the quality of the footage and up-close-and-personal camerawork is endlessly impressive, even when what's filmed is designed as a primer for youngsters who might be distressed by anything grislier.


Feature-length wildlife documentary from the same team the made David Attenborough's award-winning Planet Earth and Blue Planet documentaries, charting the story of life on Earth over the course of a single day. The film introduces viewers to a cast of characters including a baby zebra desperate to cross a swollen river, a penguin heroically undertaking a death-defying daily commute to feed its family, a family of sperm whales that like to snooze vertically and a sloth on the lookout for love. Narrated by Robert Redford.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Robert Redford
Director Richard Dale
Director Fan Lixin
Director Peter Webber

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: BBC Earth FilmsAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 20 Oct 2017