The Nebraskan

The Nebraskan

Fred F Sears (1953)

PG Certificate


Our Score
By-the-numbers western starring Phil Carey as a military man charged with protecting a Sioux scout who is accused of killing a chief. Lee Van Cleef features in an early role as one of the bad guys.


A cavalry scout is ordered to track down his Native American friend, who has broken out of jail with a renegade soldier, but then been forced to assist his fellow fugitive in a series of crimes. The search leads the scout to encounters with an old flame and a Sioux war leader who wants the escapee dead. Western, starring Philip Carey and Roberta Haynes.

Cast & Crew

Wade Harper Philip Carey
Paris Elliott Roberta Haynes
Mac McBride Wallace Ford
Ace Elliott Richard Webb
Pte Reno Benton Lee Van Cleef
Wingfoot Maurice Jara
Col Markham Regis Toomey
Spotted Bear Jay Silverheels
Director Fred F Sears
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour