Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

Gary Winick (2006)

U Certificate
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Author EB White's classic animal fable gets the full Babe treatment in this warm, live-action family fantasy. Gently introducing younger viewers to the natural cycle of life, it explores how a clever spider called Charlotte (tenderly voiced by Julia Roberts) ingeniously uses her web-spinning talents to save a small pig from the chop. While originally filmed as an animated feature in 1973, here the tale combines genuine critters and CGI effects, with delightful visual results. Like Charlotte herself, piglet Wilbur is so endearing that you can understand farmer's daughter Fern (a likeable Dakota Fanning) begging for the runty porker's life - though sadly the other crass creatures that inhabit Wilbur's barnyard home don't share this charm. Voiced by the likes of Robert Redford and Steve Buscemi, their tone-lowering flatulence and constant wisecracking dilute the story's central magic, making the finale less poignant than it should have been.


Youngster Fern tries to persuade her father to keep the runt of a litter when a sow gives birth to piglets on the family farm. While the little pig still looks destined for the chop, clever spider Charlotte hatches a plan to use her web-spinning talents to save him. Family drama, starring Dakota Fanning and featuring the voices of Julia Roberts, Dominic Scott Kay, Steve Buscemi and John Cleese.

Cast & Crew

Charlotte the Spider Julia Roberts
Fern Dakota Fanning
Wilbur Dominic Scott Kay
Templeton the Rat Steve Buscemi
Samuel the Sheep John Cleese
Gussy the Goose Oprah Winfrey
Golly the Goose Cedric the Entertainer
Bitsy the Cow Kathy Bates
Director Gary Winick
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: ParamountAvailable on: DVD
Drama Children's