Anthony Mann (1960)

12 Certificate


Our Score
This dignified and worthy remake of the classic 1931 version of Edna Ferber's novel about the Oklahoma Land Rush is, sadly, a misfire. It's the very least of El Cid director Anthony Mann's works, marred by MGM's insistence on studio filming when locations were imperative, and by a hopelessly inept and miscast Maria Schell in the key role of Sabra Cravet. However, Glenn Ford delivers a superb performance as Yancey Cravet, the symbol of an era. The land rush itself is here shown in its complete version - it originally suffered from heavy re-editing - giving some indication of what it could have been with more care taken. Unfortunately, it remains little more than an insubstantial 19th-century melodrama, which is nevertheless, in part, still quite entertaining.


The daughter of a wealthy family joins her husband in starting a new life on the frontier during a land rush. The couple grow remarkably successful through running a newspaper, and he is offered the chance to become governor - but to her horror, he chooses to put his ambitions to one side when he sees it means abandoning his principles. Western based on Edna Ferber's novel, starring Glenn Ford and Maria Schell.

Cast & Crew

Yancey Cravet Glenn Ford
Sabra Cravet Maria Schell
Dixie Lee Anne Baxter
Tom Wyatt Arthur O'Connell
Cherokee Kid Russ Tamblyn
Sarah Wyatt Mercedes McCambridge
Wes Vic Morrow
Bob Yountis Charles McGraw
Director Anthony Mann
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer