The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything

James Marsh (2015)

12A Certificate


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There is much biographical crossover between the 2004 BBC TV film Hawking (starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Hawking) and this grander, more photogenic adaptation of his first wife Jane's memoir. Both depict the student cosmologist's quest to prove the big-bang theory while his body succumbs to motor neurone disease, but despite its title The Theory of Everything cleverly foregrounds the couple's relationship, which spans young love, family life, heartbreaking practicality in the face of his condition and eventually divorce. Director James Marsh (Man on Wire) skilfully captures the moments of change: Hawking's first fall (expertly conveyed by Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, whose complete bodily and facial transformation is remarkable); the friction caused when Jane (Felicity Jones) befriends Charlie Cox's widower; the decisive instant when Stephen's new nurse (Maxine Peake) takes control. Jones is the drama's secret weapon. Understated, warm and never glibly saint-like, she also provides a way in to Hawking's often impenetrable world of academic brilliance and personal stubbornness.


Biopic of Stephen Hawking, exploring the renowned astrophysicist's romance with future wife Jane during their time at university in the 1960s and his initial diagnosis with motor neurone disease, which doctors believed would lead to his death within two years. Undaunted by deteriorating health, he continued his groundbreaking research into the origins of the universe. Starring an Oscar-winning Eddie Redmayne, with Felicity Jones and David Thewlis.

Cast & Crew

Stephen Hawking Eddie Redmayne
Jane Hawking Felicity Jones
Jonathan Hellyer Jones Charlie Cox
Beryl Wilde Emily Watson
Frank Hawking Simon McBurney
Dennis Sciama David Thewlis
Elaine Mason Maxine Peake
Brian Harry Lloyd
Director James Marsh
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: UniversalGuidance: Some swearing.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 2 Jan 2015