Track of the Cat

Track of the Cat

William A Wellman (1954)

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A strange and brooding western melodrama from the writer of the more famous The Ox-Bow Incident, distinguished by its unique sense of design. Although filmed in CinemaScope and colour, the whole film is art directed, costumed, and lit for black-and-white - only occasional flashes of colour breaking up the wintry landscape. Combined with veteran director William A Wellman's ponderous though deliberate pacing, this unusual flick will be hard to watch for some. Perseverance will lead to enjoyment of fine performances from lead Robert Mitchum and, particularly, from Beulah Bondi as the family matriarch. There are some parallels with Long Day's Journey into Night in terms of the family travails, and the structure, which here involves a very symbolic hunt for a wild cat. A real original, and very, very different.


A troubled family starts to fall apart during a harsh winter in 19th-century northern California while staving off the menacing presence of a predator - until a tragic accident finally brings matters to a head. Western melodrama, starring Robert Mitchum, Teresa Wright and Diana Lynn.

Cast & Crew

Curt Bridges Robert Mitchum
Grace Bridges Teresa Wright
Gwen Williams Diana Lynn
Harold `Hal' Bridges Tab Hunter
Ma Bridges Beulah Bondi
Pa Bridges Philip Tonge
Arthur Bridges William Hopper
Joe Sam Carl `Alfalfa' Switzer
Director William A Wellman
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner Bros Pictures Ltd