The Fiction Makers

The Fiction Makers

Roy Ward Baker (1968)

PG Certificate


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Two episodes of hit TV show The Saint were combined for a cinema release in 1968, thanks to a way-out story that owed a lot to James Bond (Goldfinger, especially), and pre-empted star Roger Moore's first appearance as Ian Fleming's iconic spy five years later. Here, Moore's dapper do-gooder Simon Templar is kidnapped by the kind of megalomaniac who would become a fixture of many a Bond adventure. Trouble is, Kenneth J Warren's charmingly malevolent Warlock mistakenly believes Templar is Fleming-like bestselling author Amos Klein, whose intelligence and imagination can find a way into an impregnable installation protected by lasers, electric fences and a platoon of guards. The trappings of the 60s spy craze are all present and correct: ebullient, larger-than-life villain; nasty henchman (played by Philip Locke, who "got the point" in Thunderball three years earlier); attractive distractions (Sylvia Syms, Justine Lord); hectic cross-country chases; and a bizarre plot (the baddies have assumed identities from Klein's books). It's good escapist fun and Moore is at his wry and dashing best.


International thief Simon Templar is hired by a book publisher to protect one of his most valuable and reclusive female writers. However, the charming rogue's new assignment leads to him and his charge being kidnapped by an evil organisation who have modelled themselves on characters from a novel, and want the plot of their next heist to be written. Adventure, with Roger Moore, Sylvia Syms and Justine Lord.

Cast & Crew

Simon Templar Roger Moore
Amos Klein Sylvia Syms
Galaxy Rose Justine Lord
Warlock Kenneth J Warren
Frug Philip Locke
Monk Tom Clegg
Bishop Nicholas Smith
Nero Jones Roy Hanlon
Director Roy Ward Baker
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Bambone Films Prods LtdAvailable on: video