Lewis Allen (1954)

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Withdrawn from distribution for years because star Frank Sinatra found out Lee Harvey Oswald had watched it only days before assassinating President Kennedy, Suddenly is a must-see rarity, if only for that historical reason alone. Ol' Blue Eyes is the gun-crazy killer holding a family hostage in the hick town of Suddenly, California, as part of a plot to kill the President, who's passing through on a fishing holiday. Sinatra plays this tough, tension-laden thriller to the hilt, and he's given top-notch support by Sterling Hayden as the local sheriff and James Gleason as the retired Secret Service agent whose house is taken over by the would-be assassin.


A ruthless and embittered assassin and his henchmen take a family hostage in their suburban house as part of an audacious plan to kill the US President. Thriller, starring Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden and James Gleason.

Cast & Crew

John Baron Frank Sinatra
Sheriff Tod Shaw Sterling Hayden
Pop Benson James Gleason
Ellen Benson Nancy Gates
Pidge Benson Kim Charney
Benny Conklin Paul Frees
Bart Wheeler Christopher Dark
Dan Carney Willis Bouchey
Director Lewis Allen
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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video and DVD