The Lure

The Lure

Tomas Leach (2016)



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Sherlock Holmes's adage that "there is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact" prefaces this curious tale, and the game is certainly afoot when fortune hunters scour the Rocky Mountains for a treasure chest of nuggets, jewels and coins hidden by a millionaire art dealer. Except this is no rollicking adventure flick but a good-looking documentary inspired by real-life millionaire Forrest Fenn's promise of instant riches to anyone able to decipher the cryptic poem alluding to the whereabouts of his treasure. Thousands have searched and Tomas Leach's film features just a few with their disparate theories and dogged (some might say delusional) determination to find the life-changing booty. A female ex-cop, a city slicker-turned-bewhiskered cowboy and an obsessive dad are just some of the dreamers in the thrall of a modern-day gold fever. Behind it all is the inscrutable Fenn, but is he a puppet master and hoaxer or just a lovably eccentric philanthropist? The movie is a little on the languid side, but Fenn's riddle is a tantalising puzzle.

Cast & Crew

Forrest Fenn Forrest Fenn
Director Tomas Leach

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Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Moxie PicturesReleased on: 8 Sep 2017