The Heist

The Heist

Peter Hewitt (2009)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Three art gallery security guards (Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman and William H Macy) plan an elaborate heist to steal the paintings they love before they are transferred abroad. Our three bumbling criminals are a treat to watch, which is just as well because the story unfolds without any surprises or twists. Opting for innocent deadpan rather than resorting to slapstick, the trio's earnest attempts to pull off their scheme make for a charming experience, with the funniest moments being saved for the robbery itself (think Ocean's Eleven, only slower and clumsier). Marcia Gay Harden also has great fun as Walken's shrill wife, who dreams of escaping to Florida and is the closest thing the film has to a "baddie". Heist breezes by in a manner that's easy to enjoy, serving as a prime example of what the right casting can do even if the finished article won't stay in your memory for too long.


Roger, a security guard working at an American museum, discovers several pieces from a collection he has defended for more than a decade are due to be sold to a gallery in Denmark. Chief among them is The Lonely Maiden, a painting he has grown to adore during his years of service. Determined to stop the sale from taking place, he enlists the aid of two like-minded guards in a desperate mission to steal the artworks they have come to love. Crime comedy, starring Christopher Walken, Morgan Freeman and William H Macy.

Cast & Crew

Roger Barlow Christopher Walken
Charles Peterson Morgan Freeman
George McLendon William H Macy
Rose Barlow Marcia Gay Harden
Starving artist Breckin Meyer
Director Peter Hewitt
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing, brief nudity. Available on: DVD