40 Days and Nights

40 Days and Nights

Peter Geiger (2012)

15 Certificate
Wednesday 4pm - 5:50pm Horror Channel
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Thu 9 Apr, 11am - 12:50pm Horror Channel
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All life on Earth is faced with extinction as the sea levels rise rapidly and flood all the land masses. A ship is constructed to allow some humans to survive the cataclysm, while a scientist makes a desperate journey around the world to acquire DNA samples from as many species of animals as possible before time runs out. Disaster movie, starring Alex Carter and Monica Keena.

Cast & Crew

John Alex Carter
Tessa Monica Keena
Roger Alex Arleo
Welker Alex Ball
Oates Victoria Barabas
Amato Ty Barnett
Purchase Adam Burch
Bruce Hector Luis Bustamante
Director Peter Geiger
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Language: EnglishColour