Silent Grace

Silent Grace

Maeve Murphy (2001)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Set against the backdrop of the IRA's dirty protest and the hunger strikes of the early 1980s, Maeve Murphy's feature debut efficiently conveys the determination of those women incarcerated within Armagh prison who actively supported their brothers in arms. Yet, the director's less interested in rehashing sectarian issues than in exploring how women bond together in extremis. The rapport between loudmouthed joyrider Cathleen Bradley and Orla Brady's charismatic activist is established rather too conveniently and more attention might have been paid to the tensions that it causes within this tightly knit community. But the performances have a conviction that still commands attention.


A juvenile delinquent is sent to prison in 1980, and finds herself sharing a cell with a high-ranking member of the IRA. A close friendship develops as the militant helps the young woman to cope with her personal demons - leaving her faced with a dilemma when her new friend goes on a life-threatening hunger strike. Drama, starring Orla Brady and Cathleen Bradley.

Cast & Crew

Eileen Orla Brady
Director Maeve Murphy

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Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Guerilla Films