Alvarez Kelly

Alvarez Kelly

Edward Dmytryk (1966)

PG Certificate


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In this oddball American Civil War western, William Holden plays the eponymous rancher who delivers a herd of cattle to the Union army. Then he's kidnapped by the Confederates, whose colonel, Richard Widmark, wants Holden to steal back the herd in order to feed his own soldiers. At first it's jokey; then Widmark pulls his gun on Holden and things get a tad more serious. Waywardly plotted, the movie is always getting sidetracked, but it's held together by the terrific rivalry and enmity whipped up by Holden and Widmark, two of Hollywood's finest tough guys.


A cynical, mercenary cattle drover sets out to deliver a herd to soldiers at a Union base during the American Civil War. During the journey, he is kidnapped by a Confederate colonel, who hopes to persuade him to help steal the animals and take them deep into rebel territory. Western, starring William Holden, Richard Widmark and Janice Rule.

Cast & Crew

Alvarez Kelly William Holden
Col Tom Rossiter Richard Widmark
Liz Pickering Janice Rule
Maj Albert Stedman Patrick O'Neal
Charity Warwick Victoria Shaw
Capt Angus Ferguson Roger C Carmel
Sgt Hatcher Richard Rust
Capt Towers Arthur Franz
Director Edward Dmytryk
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD