George Sherman (1951)

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Following the critical acclaim for 1950's Broken Arrow, Hollywood sought to present the native American in a more positive light. But, as this tale of betrayal and slaughter shows, old habits die hard and, even though director George Sherman emphasises the treachery of various soldiers, traders and politicians, the Sioux are once again depicted as savage warriors. Peace-loving scout Van Heflin reveals a more liberal attitude (when not distracted by showgirl Yvonne De Carlo and Sioux maiden Susan Cabot), but even he is more interested in the firepower of the new breach-loading rifle than race relations. Despite the attempt at a psychological level, the climactic battle betrays the movie's allegiance to the matinée B.


Frontier scout Jim Bridger doesn't approve when a gold rush leads the US army to build a fort on land occupied by the Sioux. The situation goes from bad to worse when a sadistic officer launches an unprovoked attack, prompting a vengeful tribe to go on the offensive and leaving Bridger the only one who can save the soldiers at the fort from certain death. Western, starring Van Heflin, Yvonne de Carlo and Alex Nicol, and featuring an early appearance by Rock Hudson.

Cast & Crew

Jim Bridger Van Heflin
Julie Madden Yvonne De Carlo
Lt Rob Dancy Alex Nicol
Col Carrington Preston Foster
Burt Hanna Rock Hudson
Sol Beckworth Jack Oakie
Dan Costello Tom Tully
Mrs Carrington Ann Doran
Director George Sherman
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Language: EnglishColour