Jason Bourque (2017)

15 Certificate
Wed 3 Jun 10:55pm - 11:50pm Sony Movies
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This low-octane chamber piece-cum-home-invasion thriller pulls the rug from beneath Sean Bean's American dad, whose work as a covert drone pilot is kept secret from his wife (Mary McCormack) and - neon-sign irony alert! - shoot-'em-up game-playing teenage son (Maxwell Haynes). Drones have reached cliché status in contemporary action cinema - Good Kill, Eye in the Sky, London Has Fallen - likewise the muted, pixilated aerial footage of explosive destruction in faraway lands, as per the prologue to this latest spin. But co-writer/director Jason Bourque's interest lies in the disconnect between button pushed and lethal damage wreaked, so when a well-spoken Pakistani business traveller (Patrick Sabongui, as seen in definitive drone TV series Homeland) turns up as a prospective buyer for the Bean family boat in their suburban driveway, we're way ahead of the outcome. The beatific stranger is invited for dinner and the clock starts ticking to a showdown. Predictable stuff, but given dramatic heft by the granite-faced Bean.


A drone pilot who's spent his career conducting covert operations from the comfort of his own home is finally forced to confront his actions. Thriller, starring Sean Bean, Patrick Sabongui and Mary McCormack.

Cast & Crew

Neil Wistin Sean Bean
Imir Shaw Patrick Sabongui
Ellen Wistin Mary McCormack
Shane Wistin Maxwell Haynes
Gary Joel David Moore
Agent Barker Viv Leacock
Agent Jenkins Sharon Taylor (2)
Ted Little Bradley Stryker
Director Jason Bourque
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearingAvailable on: DVD