The Day After

The Day After

Nicholas Meyer (1983)

12 Certificate


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The effect of nuclear war and its aftermath on several Kansas families makes for a mild diversion in this lavish television movie directed by Nicholas Meyer. The impact of the twin explosions, subsequent radiation poisoning, looting and firing squads moving in to assess the damage, is lessened due to network-imposed soft-pedalling of the true horrors. But the keen eye kept on the more personally-felt traumas of the grim situation gives a better than average focus as the apocalypse victims try to rebuild society. The A-list cast, including Steve Guttenberg, John Lithgow and Jason Robards, rise to the often heavy-handed occasion.


In the aftermath of a devastating nuclear attack on the USA, a group of survivors residing in the ruins of Kansas struggle to rebuild their lives. Drama, starring Jason Robards, JoBeth Williams and Steve Guttenberg.

Cast & Crew

Dr Russell Oakes Jason Robards
Nurse Nancy Bauer JoBeth Williams
Stephen Klein Steve Guttenberg
Jim Dahlberg John Cullum
Joe Huxley John Lithgow
Alison Ransom Amy Madigan
Dr Austin Lin McCarthy
Eve Dahlberg Bibi Besch
Director Nicholas Meyer
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video