Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Steven Spielberg (1984)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Director Steven Spielberg continued his homage to the classic cliffhanger serials of his youth with this follow-up to the rousing Raiders of the Lost Ark. The opening Anything Goes sequence is a fabulous entrée to a stirring yarn in which our intrepid hero goes in search of a mystical stone that will save a village from a dastardly cult. It's a trifle overblown and unsubtle, but it still has great sets, fun performances and terrific action - the standout is a wild rollercoaster ride through an Indian mine. Harrison Ford is consistently engaging as Indy and goes a long way in making up for the inferior story, gruesome gags and Kate Capshaw (the future Mrs Spielberg), who plays the shrill and annoyingly screechy heroine.


The intrepid archaeologist, with his young sidekick and a nightclub singer in tow, is stranded in India, where he takes on a mission to recover magical sacred stones from the hands of an evil cult engaged in human sacrifice and child slavery. Steven Spielberg's action adventure, starring Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw, Ke Huy Quan and Amrish Puri.

Cast & Crew

Indiana Jones Harrison Ford
Willie Scott Kate Capshaw
Short Round Ke Huy Quan
Mola Ram Amrish Puri
Capt Blumburtt Philip Stone
Weber Dan Aykroyd
Chatter Lal Roshan Seth
Lao Che Roy Chiao
Director Steven Spielberg
Writer Willard Huyck
Writer Gloria Katz
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Guidance: Edited for violence and language.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray