The Christmas Takeover

The Christmas Takeover

Michael Scott (1998)

U Certificate


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Scrooge and Santa Claus: the Movie combine in this corny morality tale that's also known as Like Father, like Santa. Harry Hamlin plays the pitiless tycoon whose bid for world domination of the toy market leads to an assault on the North Pole. But there's a takeover at Santa's workshop, and Hamlin is faced with a crisis of conscience. It's all hugely predictable, yet nonetheless enjoyable in a pantomimic way. William Hootkins is robustly jolly as Santa, but the comedy is eventually swamped by sickly festive sentiment.


The cold-hearted owner of a toy company is determined to drive all competitors out of business - including Santa Claus. He heads for the North Pole to take over the workshop, but has a crisis of conscience that leads him to try to make amends to his neglected family. Comedy drama, starring Harry Hamlin, William Hootkins and Megan Gallagher.

Cast & Crew

Tyler Madison Harry Hamlin
Santa Claus William Hootkins
Elyse Madison Megan Gallagher
Snipes Stuart Pankin
Ambrose Booth Roy Dotrice
Ignatius Gary Coleman
Danny Madison Curtis Blanck
Smitty Gary Frank
Director Michael Scott
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour
Drama Comedy