Robert Aldrich (1956)

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Director Robert Aldrich didn't have much time for human aspirations, and never less so than in this US Army shocker about a cowardly captain (Eddie Albert) endangering the lives of his men during the Second World War's Battle of the Bulge. As the heroic platoon leader, Jack Palance has never been better, and neither has Lee Marvin as the colonel presiding over the whole affair. In Aldrich's macho view, war is only hell because men make it so, but his true skill is to turn these unattractive characters into convincing and understandable human beings.


An American infantry lieutenant fighting in German-occupied Belgium is convinced an inept but well-connected officer is not fit for command. When his unit are wiped out after another of the officer's mistakes, the lieutenant miraculously survives and returns to base seeking revenge. Second World War drama, starring Jack Palance, Eddie Albert, Lee Marvin, Buddy Ebsen and Robert Strauss.

Cast & Crew

Lt Costa Jack Palance
Capt Cooney Eddie Albert
Col Bartlett Lee Marvin
Sgt Tolliver Buddy Ebsen
Pte Bernstein Robert Strauss
Pte Snowden Richard Jaeckel
Lt Woodruff William Smithers
Cpl Jackson Jon Shepodd
Director Robert Aldrich
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: G.B. Equipments LtdGuidance: Violence.Available on: video and DVD