William Dieterle (1953)

PG Certificate


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This superbly cast tosh from Columbia is directed at a deathly pace by veteran William Dieterle, and given credence only by Alan Badel's sincere portrayal of John the Baptist. But credence isn't what this film's about. You watch it for the stars; the dashingly handsome Stewart Granger, on loan from MGM, flexes his armoured torso for the benefit of ravishing Rita Hayworth, while Charles Laughton chews the scenery as Herod. Stage luminaries Cedric Hardwicke, Judith Anderson, Basil Sydney and Maurice Schwartz are in there, too - for the money, no doubt. And wait until you see what they've done to the Dance of the Seven Veils!


Princess Salome of Galilee is forced to flee the clutches of her cruel stepfather after falling in love with a Christian and failing to save the life of John the Baptist. Epic drama, loosely based on the biblical story, starring Rita Hayworth, Charles Laughton, Cedric Hardwicke, Stewart Granger and Judith Anderson.

Cast & Crew

Princess Salome Rita Hayworth
King Herod Charles Laughton
Cdr Claudius Stewart Granger
Queen Herodias Judith Anderson
Caesar Tiberius Cedric Hardwicke
John the Baptist Alan Badel
Pontius Pilate Basil Sydney
Ezra Maurice Schwartz
Director William Dieterle
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