The Giant Gila Monster

The Giant Gila Monster

Ray Kellogg (1959)

PG Certificate
Fri 12 Jun 2am - 3:30am Talking Pictures TV


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A badly rear-projected giant lizard stomps through model Texan towns and terrorises the local teens, who always seem to be having hot-rod races or rock 'n' roll dance hall parties. The creature is eventually beaten by one brave lad who drives a hot rod packed with explosives into the beast's belly. Unintentionally amusing rather than scary, this is directed by Ray Kellogg, who also made the hilarious The Killer Shrews.


A terrifying giant lizard sets about wreaking havoc on a tiny Texas town. Horror, starring Don Sullivan, Lisa Simone and Shug Fisher.

Cast & Crew

Actor Don Sullivan
Actor Lisa Simone
Actor Shug Fisher
Director Ray Kellogg

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Eros Films