The Night before the Night before Christmas

The Night before the Night before Christmas

James Orr (2010)

U Certificate


Our Score
Watchable fantasy in which Santa gets amnesia and has to rely on a dysfunctional family to help him find his magical sack of toys.


Santa Claus sets off on his deliveries a day early, but crashes his sleigh into a house, loses his magic bag of toys and ends up with amnesia. The dysfunctional family that lives there must learn to work together for a change if they are to save Christmas. Fantasy, starring Jennifer Beals and Rick Roberts.

Cast & Crew

Angela Fox Jennifer Beals
Wayne Fox Rick Roberts
Santa Claus RD Reid
Nigel Thumb Jordan Prentice
Toby Fox Gage Munroe
Hannah Fox Rebecca Williams
Mrs Claus Marcia Bennett
Lonnie Cle Bennett
Director James Orr
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour