The Christmas Stallion

The Christmas Stallion

Peter Edwards (1992)

PG Certificate


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Just how many Victorian children's stories are there that centre on poor little orphans who are forced to abandon everything they hold dear to go and live with grasping, uncaring relatives? This family film attempts to bring the formula up to date, by having teenager Sian Maclean face the prospect of losing her beloved stallion after her grandfather's farm is inherited by her ne'er-do-well uncle (Daniel J Travanti), who intends selling it to an unprincipled property developer. Travanti gives it everything he's got, but, apart from nice shots of the horse in full gallop, there are no Christmas surprises here.


A 16-year-old girl adores the horses she and her grandfather have raised in the Welsh mountains, but when her grandfather dies, a tragic past is revealed. Drama, starring Daniel J Travanti, Lynette Davies and Sian MacLean.

Cast & Crew

Alan Daniel J Travanti
Nerys Lynette Davies
Gwen Sian MacLean
Cliff Patrick Loomer
Dal Eric Wyn
Sam Meredith Edwards
Director Peter Edwards
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour