Hindle Wakes

Hindle Wakes

Arthur Crabtree (1952)

PG Certificate


Our Score
This is the fourth and weakest adaptation of Stanley Houghton's theatrical warhorse about cross-class love in the early years of the last century. As it's pretty unlikely either Maurice Elvey's 1918 and 1927 silent versions or Victor Saville's creaky 1931 talkie will be screened, you'd better make the most of this one. The story of a Lancashire mill lass who refuses to marry the boss's son after spending her summer factory holiday with him at Blackpool is hardly likely to raise the eyebrows of the prudish, let alone the pulse rate of the thrill-seeker. Lisa Daniely and Leslie Dwyer give it their best shot, but it's hard work all round.


A mill worker on holiday in Blackpool has a secret affair with the son of her employer, but a tragedy brings the relationship to light. Both families decide that the lovers must get married to avoid a scandal, but the defiant woman refuses to go along with the plan. Drama, starring Lisa Daniely and Brian Worth.

Cast & Crew

Jenny Hawthorn Lisa Daniely
Alan Jeffcote Brian Worth
Chris Hawthorn Leslie Dwyer
Mary Hollins Sandra Dorne
Nat Jeffcote Ronald Adam
Mrs Hawthorn Joan Hickson
George Ackroyd Michael Medwin
Mrs Jeffcote Mary Clare
Director Arthur Crabtree
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Monarch Film Corp LtdAvailable on: DVD