Cone of Silence

Cone of Silence

Charles Frend (1960)

U Certificate


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This expertly made, taut British movie from Scott of the Antarctic director and former Hitchcock editor Charles Frend contains some fine heart-stopping moments in an excellent plot that concerns a pilot's fight to clear his name. Peter Cushing and George Sanders, both cast against type, give superb performances, as does character actor Bernard Lee, later "M" in the James Bond films. Some of the technical details and hardware have inevitably dated in this aeronautical drama, but the striking black-and-white compositions and the beautifully paced editing by Max Benedict remain very impressive indeed. The film was retitled Trouble in the Sky and was severely cut for the US market.


A flying instructor investigates a series of mysterious aircraft accidents blamed on one pilot and finds evidence which may clear the unfortunate suspect's name. Drama, starring Peter Cushing, Michael Craig, Elizabeth Seal and George Sanders.

Cast & Crew

Actor Peter Cushing
Actor Michael Craig
Actor Elizabeth Seal
Actor George Sanders
Actor Bernard Lee
Director Charles Frend
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Language: EnglishColour