Moby Dick

Moby Dick

John Huston (1956)

PG Certificate


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John Huston's long-cherished adaptation of Herman Melville's novel has some wonderful scenes but must be counted as a noble failure. The great white whale always looks phoney; it performed badly in high seas off the coasts of Ireland and the Canaries, pushing the budget through the roof. In addition, Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab is miscast, completely lacking the required demonic presence. Wags at the time joked that Orson Welles, who plays Father Mapple, should have played the whale, while Peck himself thought that Huston should have played Ahab. However, Peck was persuaded to take on the Father Mapple role in the 1998 TV movie version, starring Patrick Stewart as Ahab.


Obsessive skipper Captain Ahab leads his ship and crew on an epic quest to find and kill the legendary white whale that bit off his leg - but his lust for vengeance endangers all their lives. John Huston's seafaring adventure, based on Herman Melville's novel, starring Gregory Peck, Richard Baseheart, Orson Welles and Leo Genn.

Cast & Crew

Captain Ahab Gregory Peck
Ishmael Richard Basehart
Father Mapple Orson Welles
Starbuck Leo Genn
Queequeg Friedrich Ledebur
Stubb Harry Andrews
Manxman Bernard Miles
Peleg Mervyn Johns
Director John Huston
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Some violence.Available on: video and DVD