George Clooney (2017)

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Fri 5 Jun 11:55pm - 1:35am RTÉ One
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The Coen brothers may have provided the lean, mean script, but George Clooney provides the human heart of his seemingly kitsch but really quite venomous black comedy, which tilts at the rose-tinted nostalgia of Trump's America. The setting is the new town of Suburbicon in the late 1950s, where the middle-class idyll is suddenly shattered by the arrival of a respectable African-American family. As the neighbourhood voices its racist concerns, a dark tale of murder and treachery begins to unfold in the house behind, as family man Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon) - a typically meat-headed Coen klutz - finds his plan to murder his wife Rose (Julianne Moore) and marry her sister Margaret (also Julianne Moore) unravelling at a rate of bloody knots. By itself, the Double Indemnity-style plot would make Suburbicon an entertaining but minor work, but the escalating racial tension that simmers in the background gives it bite and topicality, reflecting white America's sinister obsession with maintaining its own privilege.


In the summer of 1959, a mild-mannered family man must face his demons after a home invasion shakes his quaint neighbourhood, as he has to navigate the town's dark underbelly of betrayal, deceit, and violence. Black comedy directed by George Clooney, starring Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac.

Cast & Crew

Gardner Lodge Matt Damon
Rose Lodge / Margaret Julianne Moore
Bud Cooper Oscar Isaac
Nicky Lodge Noah Jupe
Ira Glenn Fleshler
Louis Alex Hassell
John Sears Richard Kind
Uncle Mitch Gary Basaraba
Director George Clooney
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Entertainment OneGuidance: Violence, swearing, a sex scene.Released on: 24 Nov 2017