Final Mission

Final Mission

Lee Redmond (1993)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Not all the ideas work, but this straight-to-video thriller comes up with some nice spins on the Top Gun formula. The setting is a secret defence project where a group of crack flyers are undergoing a secret virtual reality programme. When some of his fellow pilots start to crack up, Billy Wirth begins to suspect a conspiracy. There are good turns from Corbin Bernsen and Steve Railsback, but budgetary constraints mean that a lot of the ideas are never fully realised.


An air force captain is one of four pilots recruited for a top secret project involving virtual reality. However, when two of his fellow airmen die during test runs of the equipment, he begins to suspect a sinister conspiracy is at work. Action thriller, starring Billy Wirth, Steve Railsback and Elizabeth Gracen.

Cast & Crew

Tom Waters Billy Wirth
Col Anderson Steve Railsback
Caitlin Cole Elizabeth Gracen
Maurice Vick Richard Bradford
Gen Morgan Breslaw Corbin Bernsen
David `Hound Dog' Matthews Tim Moran
Daniel `Cowboy' Riley Timothy Dale Agee
Frank `Flash' Tato Frank Zagarino
Director Lee Redmond
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD