Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Ron Underwood (2006)

PG Certificate


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When Santa's hotshot business executive daughter Mary (Jenny McCarthy) decides to modernise his traditional operation, there are predictable lessons to be learnt in this lightweight festive diversion from City Slickers director Ron Underwood. Adamant she'll do Christmas her way, the perkily persistent woman gradually discovers her sick dad (a bland George Wendt) is right in his assertions that "some things are sacred", as moderately entertaining chaos ensues and the usual romantic dilemma pads out the flimsy events. Clumsy, child-like elves and their constant need for treat breaks should give kids a few low-grade laughs, while older fans from McCarthy's Playboy model days will doubtlessly appreciate her in the more figure-hugging take on Mr C's famous red suit. A sequel followed in 2009, reuniting McCarthy and Underwood.


Santa Claus' rebellious daughter leaves the North Pole to become a successful businesswoman. Years later, she receives news that her father has fallen ill and needs her to take over organising Christmas - but she gets carried away trying to make the workshop more efficient. Festive comedy, with Jenny McCarthy and George Wendt.

Cast & Crew

Mary Class Jenny McCarthy
Santa Claus George Wendt
Bob the IT guy Tom Carey
Mrs Claus Lynne Griffin
Donna Kandyse McClure
Grant Foley Tobias Mehler
Luke Ivan Sergei
TJ Hamilton Michael Moriarty
Director Ron Underwood
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Language: EnglishColour