Support Your Local Sheriff!

Support Your Local Sheriff!

Burt Kennedy (1969)

PG Certificate


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This is one of a pair (it was followed by Support Your Local Gunfighter in 1971) of priceless comedy gems from director Burt Kennedy that spoofs the western genre with great affection. Both films provided marvellous roles for James Garner, here utilising his easy-going charm as the put-upon lawman. Western fans will enjoy the clever casting Walter Brennan virtually reprises his Ike Clanton role from My Darling Clementine, only this time for laughs, and there's Joan Hackett from Will Penny. Jack Elam and Bruce Dern are both hysterically funny, especially Elam as Garner's useless deputy. Even if you don't care for westerns, this is well worth a look for a good laugh.


A drifter in need of money takes the job of sheriff in a small mining outpost, and chooses the town drunk to be his deputy. Events take a chaotic turn when a family of influential crooks decides to pull out all the stops to do away with the lawman. Comedy Western, starring James Garner, Joan Hackett, Jack Elam, Bruce Dern and Walter Brennan.

Cast & Crew

Jason McCullough James Garner
Prudy Perkins Joan Hackett
Jake Jack Elam
Joe Danby Bruce Dern
Pa Danby Walter Brennan
Mayor Olly Perkins Harry Morgan
Preacher Henry Jackson Henry Jones
Fred Johnson Walter Burke
Director Burt Kennedy
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD
Comedy Drama