Pacific Inferno

Pacific Inferno

Rolf Bayer (1979)

15 Certificate
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Bottom of the barrel Second World War action hokum produced by and starring Jim Brown as the leader of a team of captured American Navy divers. Brown and his men are forced by the Japanese to recover $16 million in silver pesos that General MacArthur ordered dumped in Manila Bay to avoid them falling into enemy hands. It's derivative of The Dirty Dozen at times, and not just in the casting of Brown and Richard Jaeckel: there's also a half-hearted retread of Brown's famous Dirty Dozen stunt of running hell for leather with explosives in hand. Shot in 1977 on location in the Philippines, it didn't see daylight until a belated video release in the mid-1980s. And it's not difficult to see why, as this is desperate stuff indeed. Director Rolf Bayer even has the cheek to exploit Edwin Starr's War on the soundtrack.


An American diver is captured by Japanese troops in the Philippines and ordered to retrieve a vast sum of money hidden in Manila Bay. Second World War adventure, starring Jim Brown, Richard Jaeckel and Timothy Brown.

Cast & Crew

Actor Jim Brown
Actor Richard Jaeckel
Actor Timothy Brown
Actor Rik Van Nutter
Actor Dick Adair
Director Rolf Bayer
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Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video