River Beat

River Beat

Guy Green (1954)

PG Certificate


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Hollywood's Phyllis Kirk gives a dash of much needed class to this minor British crime thriller. She plays the radio operator on an American freighter docked in the Thames, who's caught with diamonds hidden in her cigarettes. It helps in such circumstances to have an inspector in the river police for a boyfriend and John Bentley proves she was an innocent carrier. Leading cinematographer Guy Green switched over to direction for the first time and proved he could do an efficient job, especially in the climactic chase along the Thames. However, the dull script sinks the picture.


A radio operator on an American freighter is framed for diamond smuggling. Fortunately, her boyfriend is an inspector on the river police and he sets out to prove her innocence. Thriller, starring Phyllis Kirk and John Bentley.

Cast & Crew

Actor John Bentley
Actor Phyllis Kirk
Actor Leonard White
Actor Glyn Houston
Actor Patrick Jordan
Actor Robert Ayres
Actor Ewan Roberts
Actor David Hurst
Director Guy Green
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Insignia Films LtdAvailable on: DVD