Unpublished Story

Unpublished Story

Harold French (1942)

PG Certificate


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Richard Greene was seconded from the Army to star in this flag-waver, which bears a passing resemblance to Foreign Correspondent. As in Hitchcock's picture, a peace organisation is at the centre of some disreputable dealings until it's exposed by a crusading reporter. But whereas Joel McCrea managed to keep one step ahead of his adversaries, Greene is captured by a nest of Nazi spies using their privileged position to snoop with impunity. Luckily, plucky Valerie Hobson is on hand to bail him out - though this requires plenty of noble sacrifice. Diverting rather than involving, this is of primary interest nowadays for its splendid supporting cast.


Two reporters find their lives in danger when they investigate a pacifist organisation which turns out to be a cover for a Nazi group. Wartime drama, starring Richard Greene, Valerie Hobson, Basil Radford and Roland Culver.

Cast & Crew

Actor Richard Greene
Actor Valerie Hobson
Actor Basil Radford
Actor Roland Culver
Director Harold French

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Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: DVD