Resting Place

Resting Place

John Korty (1986)

PG Certificate


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Tautly scripted by Walter Halsey Davis and impeccably paced by director John Korty, this is one of the best TV movies ever made in America. Combining the themes of racial prejudice and military cover-up, this engrossing drama shuttles back and forth between Georgia and Vietnam as army officer John Lithgow seeks to discover why a black war hero has been denied burial in his home-town cemetery. Morgan Freeman and CCH Pounder also excel as the boy's proud parents, but it's the way in which Lithgow peels away the conspiratorial layers to reveal a shameful act of cowardice that provides the film's fascinating focus.


The proposed burial of a black soldier killed in Vietnam in an all-white Deep South cemetery arouses racial tension and opposition within the community. An army officer tries to persuade the town's residents to accept the fact of the dead soldier's equality, but in the process he stumbles on information hinting at a suspicious death. Drama, starring John Lithgow, Morgan Freeman and Richard Bradford.

Cast & Crew

Maj Kendall Laird John Lithgow
Luther Johnson Morgan Freeman
Gen Willard P Hauer Richard Bradford
Booker T Douglas Richard Brooks
Bradford Erskine John Philbin
Ada Johnson CCH Pounder
Sarge M Emmet Walsh
Sam Jennings GD Spradlin
Director John Korty
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD