Ten Wanted Men

Ten Wanted Men

H Bruce Humberstone (1955)

U Certificate
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Produced for the Ranown company that Randolph Scott formed with producer Harry Joe Brown, this routine western only emphasises the debt that Scott owed to Budd Boetticher and Andre De Toth, who directed his better genre outings. Journeyman H Bruce Humberstone simply points the camera and lets the cast get on with telling the story of an Arizona rancher who falls foul of neighbour Richard Boone after he offers his frightened ward (Donna Martell) sanctuary. Lee Van Cleef and Denver Pyle snarl effectively among the gunslingers that Boone hires to menace Scott and his sweetheart, Jocelyn Brando, but the action remains stubbornly pedestrian.


A law-abiding Arizona rancher runs into trouble when he unwittingly makes an enemy of a neighbouring landowner, who resents him for having befriended and comforted his abused mistress. The jealous man then recruits nine gunmen in a bid to drive his rival out of the territory. Western, starring Randolph Scott, Richard Boone, Donna Martell and Jocelyn Brando.

Cast & Crew

John Stewart Randolph Scott
Corinne Michaels Jocelyn Brando
Wick Campbell Richard Boone
Maria Segura Donna Martell
Howie Stewart Skip Homeier
Tod Grinnel Clem Bevans
Frank Scavo Leo Gordon
Adam Stewart Lester Matthews
Director H Bruce Humberstone
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Language: EnglishColour