The National Tree

The National Tree

Graeme Campbell (2009)

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A majestic Sitka spruce helps gruff widower Andrew McCarthy reconnect with his teenage son (Evan Williams) in this predictable though ultimately affecting yuletide road movie. Originally planted by McCarthy's character to celebrate his boy's birth, it's now being driven 3,000 miles cross-country by the antagonistic pair, after it's selected as the official White House Christmas tree. With cocky and self-centred Williams video-blogging all the way, the film feels vibrant and youthful, but also sacrifices much of its heart. Consequently, what's meant to be a thought-provoking father-child bonding tale ends up as a bitty and rather cheesy travelogue, which makes the occasional bursts of drama and confrontation seem excessively contrived. Two arbitrary romantic subplots further divert from the central theme, leaving it to the message-packed finale to finally give the feature its intended emotional punch.


A loving father plants a tree the day his son is born. Years later, when the boy is a teenager, it is selected to be the national Christmas tree, so father and son embark on a life-changing journey across the country to deliver it for replanting at the White House. Drama, starring Andrew McCarthy and Evan Williams.

Cast & Crew

Corey Burdock Andrew McCarthy
Rock Burdock Evan Williams
Faith Kari Matchett
Katie Paula Brancati
Lana Jayne Eastwood
Aaron Ted Atherton
Jim Craig Eldridge
Hank Trent McMullen
Director Graeme Campbell
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Language: EnglishColour