Bullet to Beijing

Bullet to Beijing

George Mihalka (1995)

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Thirty years after the film of Len Deighton's novel The Ipcress File, Michael Caine resurrects his British spy Harry Palmer, first pitched as an off-the-peg rival to the bespoke James Bond. In this very average effort, Palmer has retired from the British Secret Service and is in Russia, working with former KGB agents to prevent North Korea from using biological weapons. Michael Gambon plays a Russian magnate and there's the casting in-joke of Jason Connery as a Russian agent, while Sue Lloyd makes a welcome appearance, reprising her role of Jean from The Ipcress File. Caine and Connery made a second Palmer movie, Midnight in St Petersburg, back to back with this one. Sadly, neither film had much success.


After the end of the Cold War, retired British spy Harry Palmer is working with ex-KGB operatives to prevent North Korea developing biological weapons, when he is called on to undertake a mission to recover a deadly man-made virus, which has been stolen from a Russian agent and is being transported to China by train. Thriller sequel, with Michael Caine reprising his role from The Ipcress File alongside Jason Connery, Mia Sara, Michael Gambon and Sue Lloyd.

Cast & Crew

Harry Palmer Michael Caine
Nikolai Jason Connery
Natasha Mia Sara
Craig Michael Sarrazin
Alexei Michael Gambon
Louis John Dunn-Hill
Colonel Gradsky Lev Prygunov
Police inspector Gregory Hlady
Yuri Anatoly Davidov
Kim Soo Burt Kwouk
Jean Sue Lloyd
Director George Mihalka
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Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language, violence and nudity. Available on: video and DVD