Patch Adams

Patch Adams

Tom Shadyac (1998)

12 Certificate
Tue 16 Jul 9:40am - 11:40am Sky Cinema Comedy


Our Score
Robin Williams is ideally cast here as Hunter "Patch" Adams, an irrepressible idealist whose dream of becoming a doctor is threatened by his inability to conform to medical school dictates, particularly in his persistence in relating to patients on an emotional level. Williams's penchant for playing the clowning do-gooder is indulged too heavily by director Tom Shadyac, however, and the pat manipulation of emotions comes with a dangerously high level of saccharin. But anyone who's ever felt aggrieved by impersonal treatment from the medical establishment will enjoy Williams's system-bucking antics and the sincerity of Patch's mission to treat the individual as well as the disease.


A talented student doctor turns the medical community upside down with his offbeat views about the healing power of laughter. His methods provoke outrage and intense debate among his professors - but his extrovert nature brightens the lives of all kinds of patients. Comedy drama, starring Robin Williams, Monica Potter, Daniel London, Bob Gunton and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Cast & Crew

Hunter `Patch' Adams Robin Williams
Carin Monica Potter
Truman Daniel London
Dean Walcott Bob Gunton
Mitch Philip Seymour Hoffman
Joletta Irma P Hall
Dr Eaton Josef Sommer
Judy Frances Lee McCain
Director Tom Shadyac
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: U.I.P. (UK)Guidance: Edited for language.Available on: video, DVD and Blu-ray