The Interrupted Journey

The Interrupted Journey

Daniel Birt (1949)

PG Certificate


Our Score
There's nothing more frustrating than a thriller that pulls the rug out from under you after you've invested so much emotion in it. Written by Michael Pertwee, this tale of the unexpected plays so many tricks on the viewer that it soon becomes impossible to identify with the plight of novelist Richard Todd, whose inability to choose between wife Valerie Hobson and mistress Christine Norden spells disaster for his fellow passengers on a speeding express. Director Daniel Birt tries to invest the action with some disconcerting visuals, but his efforts are undermined by the cheapness of the production and the gimmicky script.


An adulterous author is haunted by a nightmarish dream about a train crash as he agonises over whether to leave his wife for another woman. Melodrama, starring Richard Todd, Valerie Hobson, Christine Norden and Tom Walls.

Cast & Crew

Actor Richard Todd
Actor Valerie Hobson
Actor Christine Norden
Actor Tom Walls
Director Daniel Birt

Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: British Lion Film Corp Ltd