The Gentle Trap

The Gentle Trap

Charles Saunders (1960)

PG Certificate


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In this utterly threadbare British B-movie, an apprentice locksmith goes on the run from the police and local gangsters. It was made by the low-budget production company Butcher's, and everyone involved accordingly made a hash of it; American B-thrillers, by comparison, make mincemeat of it. Only devoted fans of its leading actor and actress (Spencer Teakle and Felicity Young as a rather feeble femme fatale) will bother to watch.


Thieves rob a jeweller's but have the misfortune to be spotted by a powerful gang who resolve to get their hands on the gems - whatever the cost. Crime drama, starring Spencer Teakle, Felicity Young, Dorinda Stevens and Martin Benson.

Cast & Crew

Johnny Ryan Spencer Teakle
Jean Felicity Young
Mary Dorinda Stevens
Ricky Barnes Martin Benson
Sylvia Dawn Brooks
Sam Arthur Hewlett
Al Jenkins Alan Edwards
Vic Carter Hugh Latimer
Director Charles Saunders
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Mai HarrisAvailable on: DVD