Assumed Killer

Assumed Killer

Bernard Salzmann (2013)

12 Certificate


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A journalist wife (Barbie Castro) thinks her husband (Casper Van Dien) is a serial killer in this slow-moving and uneventful mystery thriller. Suffering amnesia after a car accident, Castro becomes convinced that attorney Van Dien is the Florida psycho she was investigating prior to the crash. Some menacing visuals and music, not to mention Van Dien's exaggeratedly suspicious behaviour, suggest she's right, but it takes an age to reach the "is he or isn't he?" central plot point. Ultimately, the film spends far too long on the details of Castro's memory loss and the dulll re-establishing of her marital relationship, before underplaying the potentially juiciest part of the narrative. Unimpressive twists and a flat climax follow, as writer/director Bernard Salzman hamstrings himself trying to do something unexpected with such a well-trodden theme.


A news reporter trying to prove a a series of recent murders were the work of a serial killer is involved in a car crash and loses her memory. She begins to suspect that her own husband may be the murderer, and tries to piece together the events of the crash that she has forgotten. Thriller, starring Barbie Castro and Casper Van Dien.

Cast & Crew

Daria Valdez Morrow Barbie Castro
Sam Morrow Casper Van Dien
Aaron Banfield Armand Assante
Sara Christie Lynn Smith
Dr Green William R Moses
Dr Weston Nancy Stafford
Det Maurer Antoni Corone
Chief Grimaldi Marc Macaulay
Director Bernard Salzmann
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence.