Columbo: Identity Crisis

Columbo: Identity Crisis

Patrick McGoohan (1975)

12 Certificate
Sunday 9am - 10:55am 5USA


A CIA operative arranges a grisly fate for a fellow spy who found out that he was working as a double agent. The killer makes the murder look like a random mugging, but he is not as clever as he thinks and the crumpled cop soon begins to pick up on the trail of clues he has left behind. Crime drama, directed by and starring Patrick McGoohan, with Peter Falk and Leslie Nielsen.

Cast & Crew

Lt Columbo Peter Falk
Nelson Brenner Patrick McGoohan
Geronimo/AJ Henderson Leslie Nielsen
Sgt Kramer Bruce Kirby
Lawrence Melville Otis Young
Louie Val Avery
CIA director David White
Salvatore Defonte Vito Scotti
Director Patrick McGoohan
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