American Assassin

American Assassin

Michael Cuesta (2017)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Hoping to kick-start a franchise of Bourne-esque possibilities, American Assassin introduces counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp, the creation of late novelist Vince Flynn. In director Michael Cuesta's thriller, Dylan O'Brien plays Rapp, who suffers a devastating loss in an explosively violent prologue that sees terrorists attack an idyllic resort. After being headhunted by the CIA, Rapp tangles with "Ghost" (Taylor Kitsch), an ex-protégé of his handler (Michael Keaton) now looking to sell a nuclear bomb. O'Brien and Kitsch perform with conviction but neither rises above the pedestrian material. Characteristically wild-eyed and with a wiry physicality, Keaton fares better, particularly when he's let off the leash emotionally - a scene where he critiques his own torture is a highlight. Cuesta does a competent job at the helm but any punch and polish is undermined by the failings of the script. American Assassin deals with real-world hostilities in a way that prioritises action above all else. That its protagonist is an uncommunicative hothead whose thirst for vengeance leaves him blind to the bigger picture speaks volumes about the film's shortcomings.


After Mitch Rapp's girlfriend Katrina accepts his wedding proposal during an idyllic European beach holiday, they and many others are gunned down by terrorists. Mitch survives and becomes a master of unarmed combat before the US government consider using him for black ops. Action thriller, starring Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton and Sanaa Lathan.

Cast & Crew

Mitch Rapp Dylan O'Brien (1)
Stan Hurley Michael Keaton
Ghost Taylor Kitsch
Irene Kennedy Sanaa Lathan
Victor Scott Adkins
Stansfield David Suchet
Annika Shiva Negar
Katrina Charlotte Vega
Director Michael Cuesta
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: LionsgateGuidance: Violence.Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 14 Sep 2017