Universal Soldier 2: Brothers in Arms

Universal Soldier 2: Brothers in Arms

Jeff Woolnough (1998)

18 Certificate


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Although Jean-Claude Van Damme eventually returned for a big-screen follow-up to Universal Soldier, this is the official sequel, even though it's a TV movie with a totally different cast. Confused? Well, you won't be by the film itself. Having been starved of funds to develop his army of undead warriors, UnSol supremo Gary Busey sets out to teach Washington a lesson. However, he hasn't counted on journalist Chandra West and her combat-hardened boyfriend, Matt Battaglia (in the Van Damme role). It's efficient, undemanding exploitation, but it runs out of steam before the big showdown.


A reluctant secret agent defies his ruthless and mysterious employer and makes a break for freedom - but first faces the task of fighting his way past a succession of deadly fellow spies determined to stop him. Sci-fi adventure sequel, starring Matt Battaglia, Gary Busey, Burt Reynolds, Chandra West and Jeff Wincott.

Cast & Crew

Luc Devreaux Matt Battaglia
Veronica Roberts Chandra West
Eric Jeff Wincott
Mazur Gary Busey
Mentor Burt Reynolds
Andrew Scott Andrew Jackson
Peterson Eric Bryson
Martinez Kevin Rushton
Director Jeff Woolnough
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for some of its violence, and contains swearing and nudity.Available on: video