Last of the Badmen

Last of the Badmen

Paul Landres (1957)

PG Certificate


Our Score
This western has a cracking premise: a gang springs outlaws from jail, uses them for hold-ups until the price on their head increases, then turns in their corpses and collects the reward. Unfortunately, George Montgomery is wooden as the detective who goes undercover to investigate the racket, and the intriguing plotline is inadequately realised thanks to the paucity of the budget. The story was used again in 1964 by the same studio, Allied Artists, for Gunfight at Comanche Creek with Audie Murphy.


A Chicago detective takes a perilous undercover job in an attempt to capture a gang of crooks who have hit upon a clever money-making scheme - spring outlaws from jail and involve them in robberies to put the price on their head up, then kill them and claim the bounty. Western, starring George Montgomery, James Best, Douglas Kennedy and Keith Larsen.

Cast & Crew

Dan Barton George Montgomery
Ted Hamilton James Best
Hawkins Douglas Kennedy
Roberts Keith Larsen
Lila Meg Randall
Kramer Michael Ansara
Taylor Robert Foulk
Dallas Tom Greenway
Director Paul Landres
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour